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"A Solitary Mann" - Feature Documentary

A Solitary Mann poster.jpg
A Solitary Mann poster.jpg

"A Solitary Mann" - Feature Documentary


The highly acclaimed, feature length documentary about the life and art of Jeremy Mann.  Conceived, created, and directed by noted filmmaker and artist, Loic Zimmermann.

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"Jeremy Mann's world is a place where pain, desire, and lust combine to project the realest parts of the human spirit. He embodies the grit and character of the urban landscape with a tone and color quality rivaled by few. Supported by a massive global following, his approach is a combination of menacing attack, fused with bolero romanticism. 

Los Angeles based French director Loic Zimmermann combines a strong cinematic aesthetic with a cinéma vérité approach to capture the visceral parts of Mann, while humanizing the experience in an effort to bring the viewer behind the paint. 

"A Solitary Mann" is a triumphant ode to a man who no doubt, will continue to leave his mark on the art world for years to come. 



Available exclusively at:  WWW.ASOLITARYMANN.COM

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