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Represented by:

Maxwell Alexander Gallery - 6144 W Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA- (310) 839-9242 - 

The Principle Gallery -  208 king street Alexandria, VA - (703) 739-9326 -

Artwork Available with:

Evoke Contemporary - 550 South Guadalupe St., Santa Fe, NM - (505) 995-9902 -

Galleria Piero Della Francesca - Corso Italia 54, Arezzo, Italy -

Gallery 1261 - 1261 Delaware, Denver, CO - (303) 571-1261 -

The Oh Be Joyful Gallery - 409 Third St., Crested Butte, CO - (970) 349-5936 -


The John Pence Gallery - [now closed] - 750 Post St., San Francisco, CA -  (415) 441-1138 -


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*Help us stop the fraudulent galleries taking advantage of artists all over the world*

Any information leading the whereabouts of these people, wanted for fraud and theft of the Artist's paintings:

BARBARA FRIGERIO -  Fraudulently embezzled 9 paintings worth tens of thousands of dollars.  Last known operating the Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art Gallery originally located at via dell'Orso 12, Milano, Italy, also claiming to be located at either Via Savona, 61, 20144 Milano, Italy.   Known to have stolen from several of the artists represented. On Nov. 15th, 2018, proven and declared liable by the Superior Court of California, SF.

WALTER C. WAGNON - aka. W.C. Wagnon - embezzlement and fraud linked to the lost painting "Wight Nights in Winter, 36 x 24 inches, Oil on Panel, Sept 2013."  Last known operating The Greenhouse Gallery, aka Gallery Masters LLC, located at 6496 N. New Barunfels Ave., San Antonio Texas, 78209 (now bankrupt and closed)  -  Last known location:  San Antonio, Texas.

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