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Large Format Photographic Print #NegJ16

Jeremy Mann - 034.jpg
Jeremy Mann - 034.jpg

Large Format Photographic Print #NegJ16


Created by the artist using his homemade Cigar Box Cameras as seen in the film “Feral Halide” and described in detail in the new informational film “Behind the Dark Room” released in 2019 for the Solo opening exhibitions at which they were displayed at The Galleria Piero Della Francesca in Arezzo, Italy and Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, NM.

These original photographs are printed at the size used by the artist in his studio for reference, printed on Archival Hahnemuhle paper. [Unframed]

Limited Edition: 50
26 x 34 Inches

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Actual prints on display at the Galleria Piero Della Francesca in Arezzo, Italy - September 2019


“Behind the Dark Room” - The fast and informative video created as a special presentation for the September 2019 Solo Shows showing the entire process leading up to how the Artist developed his uniquely personal analogue photographic references.