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Trailer for the upcoming Solo show by the artist Nadezda at Spoke Art in San Francisco, opening on August 4th from 6-8pm where the 50 best dressed attendees will recieve a free, unique, one of a kind, original drawing by the artist.. no prints, just good free art in humble appreciation of your humble appreciation.

With music from the incredibly inspiring:
Atrium Carceri -
Cities Last Broadcast -
God Body Disconnect -
available here by Cryo Chamber.

Support them, buy the music, listen forever. :)


Short video from 2018's show at The Principle Gallery, hosting the first exhibition of photography as well as a 3 hour special artist's discussion on process and purpose.

Music by CHROMATICS with the generous permission of the ITALIANS DO IT BETTER label, supporting the spread of art and music without barring creativity for profit. An incredible music label who's graciousness and quality you will not find elsehwhere.



“The Conductor” is the first feature length film created entirely by the artist Jeremy Mann.  It is a story told through a dreamscape metaphor of the eternal artistic struggle.


*Please read the following, it is essential to the experience*

The music chosen for this film is as important as the visuals themselves, and neither had precedence over the other, but informed and flowed around themselves together during its creation.  Without the creative brilliance and open generosity of these two gentlemen below, the film would not have been made.



Simon Heath of ATRIUM CARCERI, SABLED SUN, and the CRYO CHAMBER label.

The classical music chosen has been playing in my ears during almost every painting over the last several years, among many others, and their use was pursued heavily and graciously met with some wonderful souls at Naxos of America, a huge repertoire of the best classical music I’ve found, and Touch who represent some incredible talent around the world, and both without the greed which can hinder creativity.

My greatest thanks to them.

And to the actors and actresses I call as friends, who played out their parts upon the stage of my dreams without doubt or question as to what this crazy bastard was trying to do.  Without you all, I would be lost.

I created this film on my own, a horrific struggle the result of which was complete artistic freedom which I recommend everyone to try in their own ways, and I hereby give it to you for free, I hope you enjoy.

A note on its release:

My original idea after this film was completed, was to screen it at several theaters in SF, LA and New York.  After contacting a multitude of theaters, I discovered how difficult it is for individual artists to compete with the big companies’ control over most theaters, and therefor what the public is influenced to see.  And as I sulked in the basement, finally cleaning the monstrous mound of supplies, tools, chemicals and props that I had yet to put away after two dump trucks came and removed the obnoxious pile of trash leftover from a year of set building in the backyard and bedrooms… I came across each piece, each prop, each object that I had so lovingly spent time with, and had a moment of realization.  My greedy pride, which was convincing me that only films seen on theater screens were real films, was suffocating the life of my creation.  It was finished, an entire year of blood and love wrapped up in a beautiful little file on my hard drive, and it would be stillborn if I don’t just let it out the door and live.

I made this film purely from a desire and love for creating an art form which I’ve come to find more refreshing to my soul than many other forms I’m also enraptured with.  My paintings have been given movement and music with this new medium of film, and I feel the emotions created between it and the audience are closer to the voice I wish to speak with than anything else I’ve created.

So I only ask this of you:  treat her as you would an original oil painting.  Spend the time in a dark room with this film on the largest screen you have, with the best and loudest sound you can, with all of your attention fixated upon her (and a glass of wine is always a plus), as anything else would simply do her an injustice.  I hope it conjures emotions within you and inspires you to do whatever it is you desire to do, despite the rest of the world’s conventions and hindrances. 

And if you like it, just share it.





The official trailer for "The Conductor" the first feature length film created entirely by artist Jeremy Mann.

A Solitary Mann
Directed and Created by Loic Zimmermann.

Jeremy Mann’s world is a place where pain, desire and lust combine to project the realest parts of the human spirit. He embodies the grit and character of the urban landscape with a tone and color quality rivaled by few. Supported by a massive global following, his approach is a combination of menacing attack, fused with bolero romanticism.

Los Angeles based French director Loic Zimmermann combines a strong cinematic aesthetic with a cinéma vérité approach to capture the visceral parts of MANN, while humanizing the experience in an effort to bring the viewer right behind the paint.

“A Solitary Mann” is a triumphant ode to a man who no doubt, will continue to leave his mark on the art world for years to come.


A stomach tube like feeding of behind the scenes in life leading up to the week long workshop at The Barcelona Academy of Art, where Nadezda and I will be instructing attendees how to further their art beyond the flimsy guise of technique and into the world within themselves. 
Big thanks to Zach Oldenkamp, Corie Shannon, Ksenia, Jin-N-Tonic, and Bre Breyers for their appearances and inspiration, as well as to Italians Do it Better for the music of Chromatics, a truly wonderful record label that supports the spread of creativity for independent film makers and artisans, big love for those guys.

Exacerbating the ridiculousness of varnish porn videos.

Created by:
Jeremy Mann



Courtesy of:
Italians Do It Better / Johnny Jewel
(A truly wonderful record label that encourages the spread of creativity freely among independent filmmakers, much love for that style of thinking.)

Special Thanks:

A behind the scenes preview for the Jeremy Mann solo show at Maxwell Alexander Gallery in Downtown LA opening July 15th, 2017.

In collaboration with the incredible clothing and set designer Christina Molcillo of Black Lotus Clothing.

With music by:

A short video showing the more embarassing, but quintessentail part of the process when creating a painting.

For the TONDO show opening at SPOKE Art in San Francisco, CA on May 6th, 2017 from 6-9pm

Music licensed by: M | O | O | N - "Paris" from the MOON EP

A short preview video for the artist, Nadezda, for her upcoming show with Haven Gallery in New York.

With music by:

A short film created by Artist Jeremy Mann depicting the important, inseparable, and often overshadowed, aspects of creating his paintings. The film, presented as an art piece itself, reveals ideals connected to the thought processes involved, references hidden throughout revealing more than just a cinematic journey, a glimpse within the artistic ether.

Like paintings in person, this film is meant to be viewed alone, large, and loud.

This film could not, and would not, have been created without the music:



And of course, the classical music, tastes of which echo down all hallways in this house, I couldn’t live without.

The connection between music and painting is inseparable for me, and the music within this film has been a current source of great inspiration while painting and creating the film itself. These two truly visionary artists and musicians have been an invaluable aid in my creation, I highly recommend following and listening to their art.

A glimpse behind the curtain into the creative process of artist Nadezda.

The thoughts, dreams, and soul of an artist is the elusive "vision" of which everyone wishes to know. There is more effort and existence in the moments, nights, months and years before a piece of art is even begun to take its physical form. This final physical form is a mere blink in the life of the art itself, a blink that lasts forever, a glimpse into the soul of the artist. There is no magical moment of discovery in watching them create the physical thing, the true wonder resides buried within, if you wish to know those sacred secrets which pulse in the artist's heart upon that strange inner stage, even a glimpse is a more worthwhile venture.

Shot for the upcoming “Four Dames Show” at Spoke Art in San Francisco opening on March 4th, 2017 with Ximena Rendon, Eliza Ivanova, and Karla Ortiz.

Music by Kammarheit

Created by
Jeremy Mann.


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