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VIP Mailing List Subscription

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Subscribe to the weekly email list as a VIP subscriber for the only source of updated images and information on the artist Jeremy Mann, including images of new paintings, drawings, and photography with details and extras not included with the standard free email list. Events and information updates on upcoming solo and group show preparations, book releases, upcoming workshop information and additional personal information, thoughts and writing include by the artist will also be included in this VIP list.

“I believe that if you wish to see the art you love, you should be able to do so easily and without the interference of algorithms or other distracting digital garbage you never asked for. It is my promise to deliver the newest images and information directly to your email for you to read and enjoy at your leisure.”

“My dream is to revive The Safehouse Studios in an international location as a center of art education, practice and theory. I believe art is a way of life, not a job, not a career. With year long programs, on site residency, private and shared studios, gallery space, private book publishing and distrobution, and with the same Not for Profit practice which allowed the Safehouse Studios and Gallery to flourish, this future community can become a reality once again. These subscription proceeds will be dedicated solely to making that happen.”
- Jeremy Mann

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”Because I’m not in this garbage for the money.. :)”
- Jeremy Mann (again)